Biological Insects

Biological INSECTS

The use of biological insects provide many benefits.

  • An alternative treatment to pest control for a variety of plant and insect pest.
  • The bugs are natural enemies used to control specific plant and insect pest without becoming invasive and causing damage to attacks on non-target species.
  • Successful biological pest control can help reduce production costs, decrease amount of chemicals entering the environment, and establish colonies of beneficial insects offering a natural permanent pest control solution.

Biological insect control helps decrease agriculture’s reliance on chemical pest control. We offer the biological insects as the insectary has them available.  Bug harvest depends on the year.

Bug Release Info

  • $30 Diffuse Knapweed
  • $35 Field Bindweed
  • $30 Leafy Spurge
  • $30 Musk Thistle
  • $30 Puncturevine
  • $0 Russian Knapweed
  • $30 Spotted Knapweed